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BayCom® FO universal cables (indoor/outdoor cable)

U-DQ(ZN)bH 1x...

Rugged fiber optic indoor/outdoor cable acc. to Bayka company standard



16-Inhouse08-Trogverlegung04-Rohrverlegung36-Längswasserdicht23-Halogenfrei24-Flammwidrig26-Raucharm50-Verlegung -5



DIN VDE 0888-114, EN 60794-3 (VDE 0888-108),
ITU-T G.652.D, ITU-T G.651, ITU-T G.657 A1,
BayCom LWL01.

The cables are in compliance with RoHS Directive EU 2002/65/EC - RoHS 2.0 and Regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH).

Technical Data

Single-mode fibre
G.652.D (OS2)
G.652.D (BayCom LWL01)

E9/125 0,36F3,5 0,22H18
E9/125 0,35F3,0 0,21H18
E9/125 0,36F3,5 0,21H18
Graded index fibre

G50/125 2,5B500 0,7F500
G50/125 2,5B1500 0,7F500
G50/125 2,5B3500 0,7F500
Colour coding of fibres acc. to IEC 60304
Permissible temperature range °C
transport and storage

-25 to +70
-5 to +60
-20 to +70


Rugged FO universal cable, as termination and connection cable in wide area and local area networks, PBXs, for telephony and data transmission.

The rugged cable is also suitable for indoor installation, for outdoor installation in cable trays and ducts and tubes, but not for direct installation in the ground.

The following applies to FO cables acc. to the company standard BayCom LWL01:

  • Quality assurance through VDE Certificate/VDE manufacturing report

The following applies additionally for BayCom* FO cables

  • Improved optical properties compared to standard fibres

Type Designation Codes

U universal cable
D loose tube, filled
Q cable core dry filled, longitudinally watertight
(ZN) non-metallic stress relief elements
b non-metallic rodent protection
H outer sheath made of halogen-free, flame retardant copolymer

Order Example

U-DQ(ZN)bH 1x12 E9/125
U-DQ(ZN)bH 1x12 E9/125 G.652.D BayCom*

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BayCom® FO universal cables (indoor/outdoor cable)

U-DQ(ZN)bH 1x...

Rugged fiber optic indoor/outdoor cable acc. to Bayka company standard

Product Bayka Order No. No. of fibers Outer ∅
Net weight
Max. tensile force Bending radius one-off Bending radius repeated Fire load
mm kg/km daN min. mm min. mm MJ/m  
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x 2 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820210 2 9 90 150 90 180 1.6
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x 4 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820220 4 9 90 150 90 180 1.6
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x 6 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820230 6 9 90 150 90 180 1.6
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x 8 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820240 8 9 90 150 90 180 1.6
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x10 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820250 10 9 90 150 90 180 1.6
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x12 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820530 12 9 90 150 90 180 1.6
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x16 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820270 16 9 95 150 100 190 1.8
U-DQ(ZN)bH         1x24 E9/125  (ZB / M-GE) 5820280 24 9 95 150 100 190 1.8
The part numbers in the table are for fibers after G.652.D (standard)
For other fibers supplement the cable designation with G.652.D BayCom*, G.657 A1, OM2, OM3, OM4 respectively.
Errors and omissions excepted, weights and dimensions are approximate values.
Tensile force only valid when cable sheath and cable core involved.
The bending radius one-off is for professionally installed cables, unique molding.
The bending radius repeated applies to dynamic bending operations eg during the installation.
Other designs, fitted lengths and larger delivery lengths on request.