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BayCom® Telecommunication cables ST I, rail-foot cables


Rail foot cable acc. to DB TL 416.0520



02-Erdverlegung08-Trogverlegung04-Rohrverlegung36-Längswasserdicht38-Querwasserdicht44-Nagetierschutz46-Robust50-Verlegung -5



DB TL 416.0520

Technical Data

Conductor cross-section mm² 0.7 1.5
Conductor resistance (pair of cores) Ω/km ≤54.5 ≤22.5
Insulation resistance GΩxkm ≥10 ≥10

Mutual capacitance at 800 Hz nF/km


Characteristic impedance Ω
at 800 Hz
at 1 Mhz


Wave attenuation dB/km
at 800 Hz
at 1 MHz


Near-end crosstalk attenuation HF quad dB
at 1 MHz
an (within the quad)
an (quad/quad within the groups)


≥ 45
≥ 55
Far-end crosstalk attenuation HF quad dB/km
at 1 MHz




For general cabling in telecommunication systems of DB AG, in particularly along tracks.
The cable is to be preferred for laying along or in the rail foot at train speeds up to 160 km/h or in further areas with increased vibration loads according to the applicable regulations, but also for laying in the ground, in pipe conduits and trough channels.
Not approved for use as overland line.
The cable is resistant against impact, vibration, and shock loads and features an UV-resistant outer sheath.

Type Designation Codes

A outdoor cable according to standard
02YS conductor insulation made from cell PE with outer polyolefin layer (foam skin)
TF cable core dry filled, longitudinally watertight
(L)2Y laminated sheath, transversally watertight
(L)2YV  reinforced laminated sheath, transversally watertight
B steel tape armouring
(SR) steel channel sheath
2Y outer sheath made of PE
STI starquad in track cable quality (increased electrical properties)
LG stranded in layers

Additional Informations

Design according to national and international standards
Design according to customer specifications
Design with limited tolerance of outer diameter on request

Order Example

A-02YSTF(L)2YB2Y 5x4x0,7 mm²  STI 416.0520

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BayCom® Telecommunication cables ST I, rail-foot cables


Rail foot cable acc. to DB TL 416.0520

Product CPR DoP *) Bayka Order No. Customer Order-No. Cu No. Outer ∅
Net weight
Max. tensile force Bending radius one-off Bending radius repeated
kg/km mm kg/km daN min. mm min. mm  
Schienenfuß     A-02YSTF(L)2YV 5x4x0,7 STI (416.0520) N/A 5714010 165 26 430 40 260 520
Schienenfuß     A-02YSTF(L)2YV 7x4x0,7 STI (416.0520) N/A 5714020 228 29 530 55 290 580
Schienenfuß     A-02YSTF(L)2YV 3x4x1,5 STI (416.0520) N/A 5714030 208 27 460 110 270 540
Schienenfuß     A-02YSTF(L)2YV 4x4x1,5 STI (416.0520) N/A 5714040 271 30 580 143 300 600
Schienenfuß   A-02YSTF(L)2YB2Y 3x4x0,7 STI (416.0520) N/A 5713520 86 25 500 25 370 500
Errors and omissions excepted, weights and dimensions are approximate values.
Tensile force only valid when cable sheath and cable core involved.
The bending radius one-off is for professionally installed cables, unique molding.
The bending radius repeated applies to dynamic bending operations eg during the installation.
Other designs, fitted lengths and larger delivery lengths on request.

*) N/A (not applicable) Cable is not subject to the Construction Products Regulation CPR