Energy supply with Bayka: BayEnergy®

BayEnergy® Railway grounding cables

BayEnergy® aluminium railway grounding cables are used as railway power return feeds, grounding-connection, potential compensation or braiding, e.g. on grounding bushings of grounding bridges, grounding of all rail-to-ground conducting components, as rail, track and in-line connector and as track connectors in direct current power circuits. The configurations 1x100 and 1x110 are suitable for short-circuit currents in excess of 25 kA; the 1x75 configuration can be used for short-circuit current up to 25 kA.
The EBA certified aluminium railway grounding cables are approved for use by the Deutsche Bahn AG (German railway company). DB specifications apply to the selection of the cable lugs and the connectors and the installation directives.

The latest development is the flexible railway grounding cable (N)2X 1x70 RF CuStAl with copper and copper clad aluminium and steel wires. It is characterised by its high flexibility and small bending radius. The grounding cable is halogen-free and therefore suitable for use in interior and exterior spaces.

BayEnergy® Theft defending railway grounding cables

 acc. to Bayka standard BayEnergy 01, resp. 02

(N)AYY / (N)A(St)YY / (N)A(St)2XH


Verbindungs- und Anschlusskomponenten


(N)2X CuStAl


Verbindungs- und Anschlusskomponenten