Renewable energy with Bayka: BayEnergy®

Renewable energy with Bayka: BayEnergy®

New methods of energy generation are playing an increasingly important role. Environmentally friendly energy finds its path to the consumer using our products for wind and bio-power generating plants and solar installations, such as the solar copper cables from the Solar-PV line or infrastructure connection cables.

Solar copper cablesBayEnergy®
XLPE insulated tower cables , aluminium conductor, flexible, PVC sheath
XLPE insulated tower cables , aluminium conductor, flexible, flame retardant, non corrosive (FRNC, LSOH)
Energy supply with Bayka: BayEnergy®
Aluminium cables 1 kV
Copper cables 1 kV
MV cables 10-30 kV

Energy cables for infrastructure

Bayka supplies low-voltage and medium-voltage cables with aluminium and copper cores to connect solar, wind power or bio-energy plants among each other and to tie these into regional or pan-regional energy grids.

The cables are certified for all well-known energy supply utilities and meet their stringent regulations.

Telecommunication with Bayka: BayCom®

Telecom cables for infrastructure

Telecommunication cables with copper cores or FOC cables are used for monitoring, controlling and remote maintenance of the plants.