Type Designation Codes

Power Cables, plastic insulated

For cables with plastic insulation and plastic sheath the following designation codes are used (starting with the conductor):

Code Description
N Cables acc. to standard
A Aluminum conductor
Y Insulation of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
2Y Insulation of thermoplastic polyethylene (PE)
X Insulation of cross-linked polyvinyl chloride (XPVC)
2X Insulation of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
H Field limiting conductive layers over the conductor and over the Insulation
HX Insulation of cross-linked halogen-free polymer blend
C Concentric conductor of copper
CW Concentric conductor of copper, waveform (ceander)
CE Concentric conductor in multi-core cables on each individual core
S Braided copper
SE For multicore cables field limiting conductive layers over the conductor and the insulation and copper screen over each individual core (indicated by "H" is omitted here)
F Overhead line cable (DIN VDE 0276)
F Armouring of galvanized flat steel wire
FE insulation sustaining
(F) Longitudinally watertight cable (screen)
B Steel tape armouring
R Armouring of galvanized round steel wires
G Helix of galvanized steel tape
HX Sheath of cross-linked halogen-free polymer blend
Y Inner sheath of polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Y Outer sheath of polyvinylchloride (PVC)
Outer sheath of polyethylene (PE)
Outer sheath of polyurethane (PUR)

Conductor cross-section, shape and structure

Code Description
R Circular conductor
S Sector shaped conductor
E Solid conductor
M Stranded conductor
RE Circular conductor, solid
RM Circular conductor, stranded
SE Sector shaped conductor, solid
SM Sector shaped conductor, stranded
OM Oval shaped conductor, stranded
H Waveguide
/V Compacted conductor

Further, the nominal voltage of the cable will be given in kV.
Examples of complete identification of power cables:
NYCWY 3 x 120 SM/70  0,6/1 kV
NA2YSEY 3 x 70 SE/16  5,8/10 kV