Type Designation Codes

Power Cables, paper insulated


Code description
N Cables acc. to standard
A Aluminum conductor
H Shielding (H-type cable)
E Cores with Individual metal sheath and corrosion protection
K Lead sheath
KL Pressed aluminum sheath
KLD Pressed aluminum sheath with strain elements
u Non-magnetic (only DIN VDE 0256)
D Bandage protection (only DIN VDE 0256)
E Protective sheath with embedded layer (eg wrapping) of elastomer or plastic tape (not DIN VDE 0257)
D Non-magnetic bandage protection (only DIN VDE 0257)
v Stranded cable (only DIN VDE 0257 aund DIN VDE 0258)
F Armouring made of flat steel wires with counter or helix, which is removed before the pulling of a cable into a steel pipe (only DIN VDE 0257 and DIN VDE 0258)
u Cables not stranded (only DIN VDE 0257 and DIN VDE 0258)
St Steel pipe(only DIN VDE 0257 und DIN VDE 0258)
B Steel tape armouring
F Armouring made of flat steel wires
FO Armouring made of flat steel wires, open
R Armouring made of round steel wires
RO Bewehrung aus Stahlrunddraht, offen
GB Counter helix (metal tape)
A Protective sheath and outer sheath made of fibrous material
AA Double outer protective sheath of fibrous materials or fiberglass tape
Y Protective sheath made of polyvinylchloride (PVC)
2Y Protective sheath made of Polyethylene (PE)
Z Armouring of Z-shaped steel profile wire