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Tusi® Tunnelsicherungskabel

...x2x0,8 similar to DIN VDE 0816/Teil 1/2.88 and Dlk 1.013.151



08-Trogverlegung04-Rohrverlegung02-Erdverlegung10-Verlegung im Freien, UV-Schutz beachten!20-UV-beständig23-Halogenfrei36-Längswasserdicht38-Querwasserdicht44-Nagetierschutz46-Robust



Bayka company standard TUSI,
based on DIN VDE 0816/part 1/2.88 and Dlk 1.013.151.

The cables are in compliance with EU LVD (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU) and RoHS Directive EU 2011/65/EU - RoHS 2.0 and Regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH).

For the design with improved behaviour in the event of fire:
no fire propagation acc. to IEC 332-3-24 (Category C),
smoke density acc. to IEC 1034-2, and
smoke gas corrosivity acc. to IEC 60754-2

Technical Data

Conductor diameter mm 0.8
Conductor resistance of the pair of cores Ω/km ≤73.2
Mutual capacitance nF/km (at 800 Hz) ≤ 34
Capacitive couplings pF/km at 800 Hz
k1, k9-12

≤ 500
Attenuation dB/km
at 800 Hz
at 3400 Hz
at 1 MHz

≤ 0.7
≤ 1.45
≤ 9.5
Near-end crosstalk attenuation NEXT dB
within the quad/between the quads

≥ 40/50
Temperature ranges
during laying and installing °C (2Y)
during laying and installing °C (H)
before and after laying °C
  0 to +70
≥ -5


Prescribed as data cable for OLSP systems (overhead contact line voltage test) in tunnels, for the connection of safety and signal equipment in tunnel areas for operating voltages ≤ 225 V (peak value).

It is suitable for low-loss transmission of alternating currents up into the high-frequency range, in systems requiring insensitivity towards one another, against external interference and against earth potential.

The cable is tested under increased tensile loads (WKT test for tensile strength) and offers a VDE registration no. and approval by Germany's Federal Railway Office (EBA).

Type Designation Codes

AJ outdoor cable with inductive protection
02YS core insulation made from cell PE with outer polyolefin layer
F cable core filled with petroleum jelly, longitudinally watertight
(L)2Y laminated sheath made of polyethylene (PE), transversally watertight
(L)H laminated sheath made of halogen-free, flame-retardant copolymer, transversally watertight
D screen made of Cu wires
B armouring
2Y outer sheath made of polyethylene (PE)
H outer sheath made of halogen-free, flame retardant copolymer
StVIII starquad in the local cable
BD stranded in bundles

Order Example

AJ-02YSF(L)2YDB2Y 4x2x0,8 StIII BD TUSI®

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Tusi® Tunnelsicherungskabel

...x2x0,8 similar to DIN VDE 0816/Teil 1/2.88 and Dlk 1.013.151

Product CPR DoP *) Bayka Order No. Cu No. Outer ∅
Net weight
Max. tensile force Bending radius one-off Bending radius repeated
kg/km mm kg/km daN min. mm min. mm  
AJ-02YSF(L)2YDB2Y      4x2x0,8 StIII Bd (H 34/Cu 25/2B 0.5v) N/A 5492100 298 23 885 120 120 240
AJ-02YSF(L)HDBH        4x2x0,8 StIII Bd (H 34/Cu 25/2B 0.5v) N/A 5492200 298 21 850 120 110 220
Errors and omissions excepted, weights and dimensions are approximate values.
The bending radius for repeated bending applies to the radius of switching mechanisms, too.
Tensile stress only valid when cable sheath and cable core involved.
Other designs, fitted lengths and larger delivery lengths on request.
*) N/A (not applicable) Cable is not subject to the Construction Products Regulation CPR