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BayEnergy® Medium voltage cables, XLPE insulation, Cu screen, PE sheath, 1-core


1 core, aluminium based on DIN VDE 0276-620



02-Erdverlegung08-Trogverlegung04-Rohrverlegung20-UV-beständig36-Längswasserdicht53-Verlegung -20



Based on DIN VDE 0276-620.

The cables are in compliance with RoHS Directive EU 2011/65/EU - RoHS 2.0 and Regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH).

Technical Data

Al conductor, round, strand, compressed  
Extruded inner conductive layer  
Insulation made of cross-linked PE  
Extruded outer conductive layer  
Screen made of Cu wires, with Cu counter helix  
Outer sheath made of halogen-free, robust PE  
Wear-resistant cable marking
2 red longitudinal strips, manufacturer, cable designation, year of manufacture, metre marking
Rated voltage kV 12/20
Testing voltage kV 30
Cable temperature ºC
during laying (min)
after laying (max)

Max permissible operating temperature
(conductor) °C
Short-circuit temperature °C +250
Current carrying capacity
acc. to HD 620 S2:2010 10C
during regular operation: table 7+8
in case of short-circuit: table 12
short-circuit duration max 5s


For installation in open air, in the ground, for power stations, industry and distribution boards or subscriber networks.

The cables are UV-resistant and particularly resistant due to the outer sheath made of robust PE.

Type Designation Codes

X insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
K screen made of copper
D longitudinally watertight in the screen section
T outer sheath made of polyethylene (PE)


rm round, stranded

Additional Informations

Design according to customer specifications
Design with improved properties on request

Order Example

XKDT  1 x 300 Alrm/35    20/12kV

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BayEnergy® Medium voltage cables, XLPE insulation, Cu screen, PE sheath, 1-core


1 core, aluminium based on DIN VDE 0276-620

Product Bayka Order No. Outer ∅
Net weight
Rated short-time current Max. tensile force Bending radius one-off Bending radius repeated
mm kg/km kA daN min. mm min. mm  
XKDT  1x95  Alrm/16    20/12kV 4726005 35 1092 8.90 285 275 550
XKDT  1x150 Alrm/25    20/12kV 4726010 38 1315 14.10 450 300 600
XKDT  1x150 Alrm/35    20/12kV 4726012 38 1410 14.10 450 300 600
XKDT  1x240 Alrm/35    20/12kV 4726015 42 1872 22.60 720 325 650
XKDT  1x240 Alrm/25    20/12kV 4726013 42 1778 22.60 720 325 650
XKDT  1x300 Alrm/35    20/12kV 4726020 44 2108 28.20 900 350 700
XKDT  1x300 Alrm/25    20/12kV 4726030 44 2042 28.20 900 350 700
XKDT  1x400 Alrm/35    20/12kV 4726025 47 2475 37.60 1200 375 750
Errors and omissions excepted, weights and dimensions are approximate values.
Other designs, fitted lengths and larger delivery lengths on request.
Tensile force only valid when cable sheath and cable core involved.
The bending radius one-off is for professionally installed cables, unique molding over a stencil and a cable temperature >30 ° C.