Automation & Drive: BayMotion®

BayMotion®-Flex Power connection cables

BayMotion® Power connection cables are robust and flexible and are used as energy, control and connection cables in plant and mechanical engineering, e.g. as a transformer control cable.

The stranded design, Flex TN-C, is characterised by a symmetrical, EMC-optimised structure with high short-circuit strength and simple installation.

Application of BayMotion® Power connection cables

  • Connnection cable in transformer stations
  • Connection cable and cable bridge in 20 kV overhead lines as bird protection
  • Applications requiring high insulation resistance, voltage resistance, oil resistance and flexibility at low temperatures
  • laying in dry, moist and wet rooms, for outdoor-use and for laying direct in the ground

BayMotion® Power PUR FR connection cables

  • flame-retardant and self-extinguishing connection cables with a robust PUR sheath for connections of transformer stations.

BayMotion® Power connection cables

 acc. to Bayka company standard

Power PUR FR 1x... 0,6/1 kV


BayMotion® Power connection cables, stranded

 acc. to Bayka company standard