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BayEnergy® Theft defending grounding cables

(N)AYY / (N)A(St)YY / (N)A(St)2XH

1-core acc. to Bayka standard BayEnergy 01, resp. 02



02-Erdverlegung08-Trogverlegung04-Rohrverlegung36-Längswasserdicht10-Verlegung im Freien, UV-Schutz beachten!16-Inhouse20-UV-beständig51-Verlegung -10



Bayka company standard BayEnergy 02.

The cables are in compliance with EU LVD (Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU) and RoHS Directive EU 2011/65/EU - RoHS 2.0 and Regulation No. 1907/2006 (REACH).

The design with improved behaviour in the event of fire is
halogen-free according to DIN EN 50267-2-2,
flame retardant according to DIN EN 60332-1-2.

Technical Data

Rated voltage U0/U kV     0.6/1
Nominal cross section mm² 75 100 110
Conductor resistance Ω/km ≤ 0.468 ≤ 0.365 ≤ 0.32
max. current carrying capacity *) A 214 270 290

*) max. current carrying capacity in air based on DIN VDE 0276-603, table 15.

Short-circuit current
according to Deutsche Bahn standard 997.0205A01 (1.3.2003) paragraph 2 "current carrying capability"

Vibration resistance
according to Dlk 1.013.168y (sinusoidal oscillation load type 1)


Permissible temperature range ºC
during laying, installing and similar
before and after laying

-10 to +60
-30 to +60


BayEnergy® aluminium railway grounding cables are used as grounding connection resistant to short-circuit current, for potential equalisation between rails and conductive parts not under voltage (e.g. posts, brackets of train preheating equipment, acoustic barriers, handrails). The advanced and improved railway grounding cables are marked using two blue Bayka identification strips® on the outer sheath, and document Bayka quality "made in Germany".

BayEnergy® aluminium railway grounding cables are approved by Germany's Federal Railway Office (EBA) and released for use in the area of operation of Deutsche Bahn AG.

The imprint "Eigentum DB" (Property of DB) or "Eigentum Verkehrsbetriebe" (Property of the Transport Services) is used as property notice and as theft protection. BayEnergy® aluminium railway grounding cables can be easily differentiated from copper grounding cables keeping potential thieves away.

Further properties:

  • Resistant against impact, vibration and shock loads
  • UV-resistant
  • Torsion-free laying can be easily checked
  • Easy laying and installation, handling with standard tools

In the case of DB AG, the EBA-approved design versions (N)AYY-O 1x110 ALMG and (N)A(St)YY-O 1x100 and/or 110 ALMGST, with special cable lug with adjusted diameter and water-tight aluminium for the short-circuit range greater 25 kA, are released for direct connection to the rail foot.

The design with improved behaviour in the event of fire is provided for installations in tunnels.

Type Designation Codes

(N) cables based on standard
A conductor made from aluminium
(ST) steel wire
Y insulation made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
Y sheath made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
2X insulation made of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE)
H sheath made of halogen-free, flame retardant copolymer
-O cable without green-yellow core
1x110 no. of cores x cross-section
RM circular conductor, stranded
ALMG aluminium alloy
ALMGST aluminium alloy with steel wire

Order Example

(N)A(St)YY-O 1x110 ALMGST
(N)A(St)2XH-O 1x110 ALMGST

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BayEnergy® Theft defending grounding cables

(N)AYY / (N)A(St)YY / (N)A(St)2XH

1-core acc. to Bayka standard BayEnergy 01, resp. 02

Product CPR DoP *) Bayka Order No. Outer ∅
Net weight
Rated short-time current Max. tensile force Bending radius one-off Bending radius repeated
mm kg/km kA daN min. mm min. mm  
(N)A(St)YY-O    75 RM  0,6/1kV  ALMGST37 N/A 4019370 19 495 24.00 470 90 180
(N)A(St)2XH-O   75 RM  0,6/1kV  ALMGST37 Eca 4019389 19 420 24.00 470 90 180
(N)A(St)YY-O   100 RM  0,6/1kV  ALMGST37 N/A 4019320 20 570 40.00 630 100 200
(N)A(St)2XH-O  100 RM  0,6/1kV  ALMGST37 Eca 4019390 20 500 40.00 630 100 200
(N)AYY-O       110 RM  0,6/1kV  ALMG N/A 4019310 21 620 40.00 660 105 210
(N)A(St)YY-O   110 RM  0,6/1kV  ALMGST37 N/A 4019330 21 630 40.00 690 105 210
(N)A(St)2XH-O  110 RM  0,6/1kV  ALMGST37 Eca 4019388 21 570 40.00 690 105 210
Errors and omissions excepted, weights and dimensions are approximate values.
Other designs, fitted lengths and larger delivery lengths on request.
Tensile force only valid when cable sheath and cable core involved.
The bending radius one-off is for professionally installed cables, unique molding over a stencil and a cable temperature >30 ° C.
*) CPR Construction Products Regulation Class,
DoP Declaration of Performance.
The DoP applies exclusively to Bayka cables.